New Use for Amsteel and Whoopie Slings

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New Use for Amsteel and Whoopie Slings


Post by gmcpcs » Sun May 20, 2018 7:39 am

New Use for Amsteel and Whoopie Slings

I’ve put together a new way to use Amsteel! I made whoopie sling lane lines and supports for my paddleboard class at the local pool.
Modified whoopie with pulley knots.jpg
Paddle boards, which are actually 8x3' hard inflated exercise platforms that you suspend in water, are my new favorite exercise method. Who doesn’t like to take mundane exercises, like planks, push-ups and jogging, and make them more fun by adding water? It is a workout for the core muscles, and really builds balance.

The issue we were dealing with was the difficulty of deploying and removing the heavy pool lane lines before and after each class. The pool is also used for water aerobics. So, I began experimenting with an amsteel solution, and think I have it!

The key to this system is what I call a pulley-based whoopie sling. I may not be the originator of this idea, but I did come up with it on my own. The unique issue with using an Amsteel whoopie to tension a line across 75’ in water is being able to easily loosen and tighten the lines. This application requires extreme tightness under tension, and whoopie adjustments will work, but they are hard to release under load.

I made my conventional whoopie bury at the adjusting end, and created a couple of Alpine butterfly knots as a “pulley” on the “whoopie” line, each side of the standing line. In order to work it, you run the working end back through the butterfly knots. This gives you a pulley/leverage point in order to release tension on the whoopie lock, and slide this loosened bit back and forth. You then “milk the bury”, and let off on the working line and the pulley knot. I have two butterfly knots, one to help with tightening the line, and one to help with loosening. This all works pretty well!

For more information on the attachment system: The paddle boards have a strong bungee cord at each of the 4 corners. These are clipped to 2.2 mm Amsteel loops that are prusik knotted on the standing line. Then the prusiks are spread apart along the line, and when tensioned by the bungee clips, hold in place.

Now we all know that Amsteel doesn’t grip so good to itself, but this seems to work OK, and allows a bit of adjustment, as long as I tie at least four loops on the prusik. I may have to switch to another material to make the paddle board attachment points so that it grips better on the amsteel as a prusik.

The materIals for each line are 83 feet of 7/64 amsteel for a 75 feet adjustable whoopie. I use two stainless steel clips, the 5/16” you can get a Home Depot. These clips are rated for about 300 lbs. I made multiple loops of 2.2 mm dyneema, just by cutting lengths 14” and tying a double figure eight knot to make a continuous loop. I didn’t have the patience to make all these as spliced continuous loops, because I wasn’t so sure it was going to grip good. I may look at some other braided line, like spectra or some other high speed line that would be durable in a chlorine pool setting.

For the lane lines, I make a locked brummel loop on one end, which is the non adjusting end, with a stainless steel clip. On the other end I make a whoopie with about a 2 feet bury. I do another locked brummel loop on the adjustment end of the whoopie for a handle. On each side of the bury, about 6-8” down, I tie an Alpine butterfly knot. The other end through the whoopie loop gets another stainless steel clip. The take up reels are just some plastic reels that roll it up to get it out of the way.

Pictures are provided in the google photos link. I built these by ordering from the DIY gear website, since I was able to get the exact lengths I needed. I added in a 180’ roll of the dyneema.

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Re: New Use for Amsteel and Whoopie Slings


Post by ezadventurer » Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:43 pm

Nice application. I did not realize that this was a stand up exercise while the float was on the water...definitely makes for a much more challenging exercise regimen.

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