Plastic bottles as cordage

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Plastic bottles as cordage


Post by TXyakr » Tue Mar 08, 2016 5:49 am

I would not recommend suspending your hammock from one small strip of a plastic bottle but theoretically you might be able to if you trusted this device and the integrity of the plastic (wasn't very old) and had many strips of it in parallel. Fun toy for "eco friendly" folks perhaps. Personally I would thoroughly test out these strips first and only use in my backyard for a month or so at a time then throw in recycle bin. Might be useful for tie out of tarp with less danger to one's posterior. I saw on the news that the City of Houston was considering stopping their recycle program as they attempted to renegotiate it because the drop in the price of petroleum has made recycling less cost effective and very expensive for cities. Landfills there are going to get a bunch of these bottles if that happens... ... tle-cutter

15 British pounds is about $21 US dollars so seem over priced to me.

Also many videos from Russia of how to make your own with a piece of aluminum channel or angle and a razor blade for a utility knife plus a few other parts. Here just one, IMO best to watch a few get ideas before you make your own. Most plastic shrinks a little so useful in coating various things you want to protect from weather or wear, but it is thicker than most shrink wrap tubing and more durable just doesn't shrink as much so wrap item than heat with heat gun.

Not sure why this is not showing video freeze frame but only link, have entered same as before. But just click on link it works or search for on YouTube under "bottle cutter" and you will find many of these videos yourself.

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