Kydex Holster

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Kydex Holster


Post by Scott » Tue Oct 11, 2016 10:31 pm

A while back there was a thread about how to hang with your pistol. I was making an IWB holster at the time, and made one for backpacking as well.

It fits in one of the mesh pockets in my ribzpack during the day. The pocket holds the pistol secure, the holster keeps the trigger covered. I clip it to a front strap of the pack, then when drawn it pulls off the pistol easily.
At night, it hangs from my ridgeline. I can adjust the angle it hangs by the length of cord and placement of the two holes.

I have enough detent in the ejection port and trigger guard that it retains very well.

The pictures are not that great, but you can get the idea.

I enjoyed playing with the kydex, and it was not that difficult. Heat the kydex in the oven to about 300 give or take. Put the pistol and hot kydex in a thick plastic bag, put a vacuum in the bag, and work the kydex into the trigger guard. Use a rag or gloves to keep from getting burned. Oh, and don't forget to put a pencil or something along the sights to give it a channel to pass through.



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