Changing from Stock Suspension to Cinch Buckles: And other Miscellany

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Changing from Stock Suspension to Cinch Buckles: And other Miscellany


Post by KINGLONESTAR » Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:54 am

OK, so I placed my order with Dutch this morning. Should have my stuff sometime next week I think.

I have an Equip Double hammock from WallyWorld. It's my first one. I bought some Atlas knock-offs when I got it. I have a continuous loop in the end channel using the supplied rope and carabiner (HEAVY CARABINER AND ROPE I MIGHT ADD). I currently set up my straps, then hook to them with the biner and then start adjusting. I originally thought that was going to be the easiest way for me as a Noob. I've since changed my mind. I have researched and watched videos and contemplated on my next step long enough. I thought about whoopie slings and cinch buckle suspension. I've decided to go the cinch buckle route. I decided to go that route because it looks like an easy thing to do, allows for a shorter hang if need be, doesn't seem to get wonky if you are adjusting it after a load is applied, and looks simple enough that my 5-year old daughter can set it up with some teaching and supervision. Since I am making hammocks for both MRSLONESTAR and DAUGHTERLONESTAR I wanted something that would be easy for them to learn and be able to enjoy quickly instead of trying to figure out how a whoopie sling works. Here's where I'm headed...

I'm making the girls' hammocks using the Crinkle Taffeta tablecloths from TableClothFactory...they wanted specific colors. I also plan on making all the suspension components myself and have bought the necessary stuff from Dutch. I am basically going to make my own tree straps out of webbing; with a loop at only one end. I am going to make a bunch of continuous loops out of 7/64" Amsteel. I am going to use the Amsteel continuous loops in all three hammock end channels. Then, I'm also going to attach continuous loops to one side of the cinch buckle itself. I also bought some of the tiny Dutch Clips HOOK (not clip). My plan is to splice the Dutch Clips HOOK on to some of the continuous loops when I'm making them.

Here's my first question: Which loop would be best on which to have the Dutch Clip HOOK attached? I can have it on the loop attached to the hammock. Or I can have it on the loop that will be attached to the Cinch Buckle. Does it matter? Would there be an advantage or disadvantage to having it on one piece or the other? Am I over-thinking this (I know the answer to that one)? My thinking is to use the loop with the Dutch Clip HOOK on it attached to the cinch buckle side. That way, I don't have any metal that could stick or snag on anything when I have my hammock stuffed in my homemade Bishop Bag; the only thing sticking out of the bag when hammock is stowed will be the Amsteel loops. All the metal components would be attached to my suspension. That option would keep all of my suspension together where I could isolate it into a separate stuff sack if it were wet from a rain-storm. That method would also allow me some flexibility if I wanted to use my hammock, but try some other sort of suspension. Is my thinking on this somewhat sound?

I'm also making a static structural ridgeline for my hammock. I'm going to have both Amsteel and Zing-it available. Here's my second question: Which do I use when making the structural ridgeline? I've seen both. They are basically priced the same so I'm not sure of this one. I'm also making my own CRL to match the one that Dutch sells (I'm buying all the same stuff from him and just making it myself; Zing-it, Wasp, Dutch Clip HOOK).

One last thing. I'm also making homemade snake skins out of a sheer panel from WallyWorld and some black grosgrain ribbon for the edges...busy times in my future.

Now...discuss! Please, by all means, discuss!

Not making CRL's or structural ridgelines for my girls because they will just be using their hammocks sparingly for light lounging on trailer camping trips to begin with. Doing those modifications in the future will also give me an opportunity to hide some new stuff for myself within that future order. SSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH!

In vino veritas.

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