Ultralight Cook Kit and other stuff.

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Ultralight Cook Kit and other stuff.


Post by Idaho Hanger » Sat Oct 01, 2016 11:06 am

Toaks 550 pot, BRS 3000 stove, Light My Fire Spork. Get them on amazon, $24.99 for the pot, $12-$16 for the stove, $3 for the spork. $45 or less and you have a kit that weighs 4.6oz. Pot is 3.5oz, stove is .9, spork is .2. It's minimalist for sure but for coffee and freeze dried meals it's all you need. Not the absolute cheapest option but if you want an ultralight cook kit on a budget it's pretty tough to beat. My first lightweight kit was a snow peak 700, msr pocket rocket and that spork. I spent $90 and it weighed about 9oz.

Don't forget about Sierra Trading Post for clothing, stoves, headlamps, trekking poles, boots, etc. They sell close outs and last year's colors at outlet prices. You can also get coupons for 25-40% off which makes things really cheap, relatively. I bought a set of marmot precip rain gear(jacket and pants) for $70 a couple years ago. My Black Diamond headlamp was $11. OR Goretex gaiters for $20.....If there's something you need that you're not super picky about, keep looking there. Something suitable is bound to pop up.

I don't have any affiliation with that company, but they built a store near me several years ago and I have saved a boatload of money on gear I couldn't have afforded otherwise.

Looking forward to seeing what deals others have found.

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Re: Ultralight Cook Kit and other stuff.


Post by ADVStrom14 » Sat Oct 01, 2016 1:31 pm

I have found some good stuff on Sierra Trading just takes a little while to get it. You're right though, if you are not on a particular time crunch and you have the time to go back and keep it checked, you can find some decent stuff on there.
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Ultralight Cook Kit and other stuff.


Post by Mophead » Sat Oct 01, 2016 1:31 pm

The BRS 3000 is a great value. I do not have one but on several occasions people I know have tried out alcohol stoves and keep going back to the BRS.

I am always on a budget (aka being a cheap bastard). Here is a kit close to what I'm using now:

Pot: Imusa 10cm mug $7.00 online or cheaper if you can find it in store 2.5oz

Lid: aluminum foil circle of two layers folded over. Plus a single layer for the bottom reflector under the stove. 10g?

Stove: supercat stove. $0.50 plus 1.00 for a hole punch if you don't have one. 7g

Fuel: heet in the yellow bottle. $1.50. Weight depends on trip length.

Windscreen: aluminum roasting pan to cut your own. $0.88 9.5g

Spoon: mc flurry spoon from McDonalds. Cut down length just enough to fit in the pot when slanted from the bottom to top on the other side. The spoon will be long enough to eat out of the pot and tuna pouches but for deep freezer bags you can stick a trail stick in the hollow handle of the spoon to extend it when needed. About $3.50 and comes with free ice cream :) 4g

That comes to about 3.6oz for around 15 bucks. Big weak point I think is the lid. You could also make one out of another roasting pan or pop can which might be a slight improvement.

eBay is great for titanium foil for windscreens. Although sometimes you have to work with the dimensions of what is sold. I made a ti screen for three dollars including shipping.

Aliexpress.com has some decent stuff for the money when it comes to down bags and other camping stuff. I'd say on par with the value of the Costco bags.

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Re: Ultralight Cook Kit and other stuff.


Post by kev137 » Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:54 am

My ultralight cook kit is the good ole Fosters can pot and fancy feast stove with a plastic sea to sumit spoke and reflectix coozie. My wind screen is cut from aluminium cans and held together with paper clips ( not the most sturdy but it works ). I don't have the weight with me ( I'm on break at work) now, but including fuel for 2days it comes in at less than a pound including the lighter and a rag. The whole set up was less than $20.00 to make. I have been eyeballing the Imusa style pot at wallyworld lately though. I like the idea of a more sturdy pot that I don't have to worry about crushing.
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