Dog Boots

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Dog Boots


Post by GregD » Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:56 am

The best thing about dog boots are the UTube videos of dogs wearing them for the first time. I didn't get it on video, but my one dog put on a show outside REI when he first wore them.

And what's up with REI selling dog gear but not allowing dogs in the store? But I digress.

While dog boots may protect paw pads from injury most boots have stiff uppers with even stiffer velcro straps and will wear huge gashes into the dog's leg, particularly at the top of the boot and under the dew claw. So don't be an idiot like me and put boots on your dog for a long hike without taking considerable effort to wrap & sock the foot to hopefully prevent those otherwise almost certain injuries.

Many boots for snow look much softer, almost like reinforced socks. Those may work just fine as-is. For snow. Not sure they will last very long on the kind of rocky trails that are likely to cause paw pad injury.

My dogs are quite active and my current hiking destinations have trails that pose few risks for their feet, so I don't take boots for them. If I was going on rocky trails I might pack a set of soft boots to use over vet wrap in case of a foot injury.

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