GoPro Hero 4 Silver thoughts, from a n00b

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GoPro Hero 4 Silver thoughts, from a n00b


Post by Scuba » Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:48 pm

Let me start by saying I JUST got this about 2 weeks ago so I am still learning it.

Size. Thing is small and only 2.9 oz.
Great picture. shoots up to 2.7K, but I keep it in 1080p.
The night effects, both still and video are cool.
Aftermarket non GoPro accessories and batteries are affordable and perform well.
Waterproof (in the right case)

The microphone sucks. And if you put on a waterproof case it sounds like they are talking from the bottom of trash can.
Battery life sucks. Thankfully aftermarket 3rd party batteries are cheap and reliable.
The software. The gopro software is ok, but it isnt intuitive, and not as powerful as 3rd party options. For free options, I recommend Blender or Davinci resolve. I am using Cyberlink's PowerDirector Ultimate ($65) which is VERY intuitive and has tons of bells and whistles.

Here is a picture I took using the advanced night settings of Andy Martinez with glowsticks in the middle of the night.

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Re: GoPro Hero 4 Silver thoughts, from a n00b


Post by sarge » Mon Aug 01, 2016 9:44 pm

Cool beans. I'm still learning a lot about my Hero 3+. Just downloaded the GoPro App and running thru that. Agree on the battery life and mic.

Just got the Zoom H1 external mic/recorder to take care of the crappy sound. Got a shock cage for it from the former Soviet Union. I was a little leery of it, but delivery was actually better than wht I get from China.

Also got a light, b/c the GoPro sucks in the dark.

The light will go on top of this frame for the GoPro(it fits the Hero 4, too), and the mic will be mounted next to it, off to the side to keep it from being in frame using this kit.

The frame isn't here yet, but here's a crappy picture of what it looks like now:

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