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Sacramento Mtns Rim Trail Hike

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 7:24 am
by gmcpcs
I'm planning to go hiking/hammocking on the Sacramento Rim Trail July 6 until I get tired. (3 days and nights planned) If anyone has tips and tricks, or wants to meet over there, I can adjust or plan accordingly. I plan to hike this 30 mile trail and get a ride back to my starting point. This is in New Mexico, South of Cloudcroft, NM.

Here's some links for those who are curious: ... 414078.pdf ... pdfweb.pdf

This will be the first solo backpacking trip for me. Anyone who wants to come along is welcome, I can adjust my start and end a couple days either side. Otherwise, I'm planning to be solo :-)

Take it easy,