HangCon '19>RIVER FOREST, Ocala National Forest>January 24-28, 2019> HangCon '19

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HangCon '19>RIVER FOREST, Ocala National Forest>January 24-28, 2019> HangCon '19


Post by lilricky » Sat Sep 22, 2018 11:46 pm

After nearly two solid months of triple digit heat index readings, I am soooo ready for...

HangCon '19
January 24-28, 2019

HangCon '19 will be the same beloved event of past years, and there are going to be a few things different.

Let's start with what's new:
January 24-28 is the weekend after MLK weekend.
We will still be in the Ocala National Forest, but instead of being at beautiful Doe Lake, we will be at beautiful River Forest on the shores of the St Johns River. More on the how and why of the when and where in a follow up post.

Now for what you already know and love about HangCon:
The official first day is always Friday. This year's official last day is Sunday. There are always some (like yours truly) who are eager to get out there and get things started. Anyone wanting to come early may come on Thursday after lunch. If you want to start earlier than that, please stay at a nearby site and come to River Forest on Thursday. Anyone who would like to stay until Monday (and help us clean up) is also welcome.

The first thing is always to please sign up on the signup sheet.

On the matter of the signup sheet, please do not change the order or the format or otherwise fix or improve the signup sheet. It's how we keep a headcount, and if it changes we lose our heads.

HangCon attracts all sorts of folks into the piney woods. That's kind of the point. All are welcome and there is no charge to attend. While it's free to attend HangCon, there may be some activities that have a cost to participate.

All activities at HangCon are open to any who would like to participate and every participant assumes all risks of participating. Anyone who would like to take a lead on an activity at HangCon, please announce it on this thread and add it to the activities list on the spread sheet. If an activity runs out of spots, those who signed up on the spread sheet get first dibs.

There will be a raffle. There's always a raffle! It will be awesome. It's always awesome! It will be Saturday night (like aways!). Raffle tickets may be purchased in advance or at HangCon. Ticket sales at HangCon begin after lunch on Saturday.

There is no lodge building at River Forest. There is a screened pavilion.

As there is no lodge and no electricity, there is no kitchen - therefore we will not be doing centralized meals as before. We are using this state of affairs to re-establish a tradition from our first few years as Florida Hang: "The Ring of Dutch Ovens" Basically, everyone cooked their own food in their own DO and everyone shared. It was a wonderful sense of community and frankly, I'm looking forward to having it as part of HangCon once again.

Probably our oldest tradition is Saturday night's Low Country Boil & Gumbo Feed. At this point, this is our only group meal that's planned. Like everything about HangCon, meal planning is subject to change as opportunities and limitations present themselves.

There will be a central fire. It will be big and hot and beautiful, and it will be going the entire weekend. Small fires at your site are permitted, but not encouraged - we want to promote the community that happens by the big fire. If you want your own personal fire, you have to bring your own personal firewood.
And for cryin' out loud... DON'T LEAVE YOUR FIRE UNATTENDED!

Very important:

Other HangCon Rules: I don't like rules either, but here's what's what to keep things cool for everyone:

In keeping with the Hammock Forums community and our usual vibes, this is a family friendly event. And it's going to stay that way.

This is a hammocking event. We allow tents as a courtesy (and because we’re gonna try to convert them). Pop-up campers, travel trailers, RVs, motorhomes, etc. just aren't part of the picture. If they would like to participate, they are invited to stay at nearby, RV friendly sites – and come in each day.

River Forest has plenty of fresh water but no electric and no hook ups. No generators please.

Having a designated tent area was well received last year so we're going to try it again. We'll post where that area will be as soon as we know ourselves. Exception: if you need a tent for an infant or an older family member and you are primarily hammock campers then a single tent may be pitched with your setup.

Check in at the pavillion immediately upon arrival and before setting up.

Parking in parking area only. If you wish to hang near your vehicle, pick a hang spot near the parking area. You may drive to your site, dump your gear, pets and small children, even set up your set up. But when you’re done, park in the parking area.

Showers and bathrooms: Please clean as you go (hee hee hee) and take a turn sweeping/mopping. And don't forget your towel!!!

Children and dogs: both are welcome. Dogs must be leashed or penned. Please use your discretion regarding your kids.

Rule number one is HAVE FUN so…
LET’S GET THIS THING STARTED!! Get those bins out and start staging your gear! How will you know what you want for Christmas if you haven't spread all your gear out in the living room!?

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