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Some Pretty Dang Useful Links


Post by sarge » Sun May 29, 2016 9:08 am

For new Hangers, research is the best thing you can do BEFORE you buy your hammock, and these links are intended to help you out.

Keep in mind that what you're looking for is a complete sleep and shelter system. You need a place to sleep, something to keep the wind, rain, and bird poop off of you while you do, and something to keep you warm. The most expensive part of a beginner's system is the insulation, the next most expensive is the tarp, and the least expensive should be the hammock itself. The time to buy that super slick, hipsy pipsy, top of the line hammock is AFTER you've taken care of keeping your self warm and dry.

This isn't a list of vendors, this is a list of research resources so that you can make an informed decision when buying and not fall prey to the "You should buy what I have!" guys. There's a lot of people saying that out there in internetland. Most of them legitimately love thier gear and think its great, a few of them just want to sound smart and informed, and a few of them might be in the "misery loves company" crowd trying to get more people to make the same purchase they did so they don't look like the only foolish guy out there.

So, with that in mind:

This is the guy who literally "Wrote the book". His name is Derek Hansen and he's a great guy. I met him at one of the Texas hangs, watched him help a bunch of folks, and learned a bunch in the process.

These two entries are from his Blog:

Hammock Camping 101

The Hammock Hang Calculator is a great way for you to learn HOW to hang your hammock. Yes, there's math involved (only a little), but Derek makes it simple with this one picture, and gives you something to fiddle with in the process.

This is his Facebook page.

Here's his YouTube channel.

You should buy his book. At $5.99 for your Kindle, it is the single best hammock related purchase you could ever make.

Another guy who was around at the very beginning of this craziness is Just Jeff. His blog is very useful. Unfortunately a few years ago he got pretty disgusted with a few things (not his hammocks or camping with them), and he hasn't updated his blog since walking away from them, but you should spend some time rummaging around in his attic. In a way, Jeff and the other folks he talks about there were responsible for getting the ball started in creating

Just Jeff's Hiking Page

If you spend much more than a nanosecond hanging around hammock folks, especially new ones who have gotten a just bit more than knee deep, you'll hear about Shug Emory. He's both entertaining and informative.

Here's his playlist for Hammock Noobs. I warn you, its like crack. If I were to give you my opinion of the single most important video he's made, and the one you should watch if you could only watch one, it would be this one on ridgelines.

Another guy who's been around a long time is Professor Hammock. His playlist on Hammock suspensions is a must see.

When I started my YouTube Channel, I wanted to be a combination of those two guys, a bit goofy and entertaining, but a bit professorial too. I hope I've done them justice.

SGT Rock is another one who's been around Hammocks since the last century. He's a member here. He's the go-to guy if you want to combine an ultralite obsession with hammock camping.

And here's his website.

Papa Smurf from Dream Hammocks provides us with an incredibly useful tutorial on how to get a good hang angle:

And just in case you came here because one of us posted this on a Facebook page where you announced that you were "hammock curious" to the world, we have a Sub- Forum here called New Hanger Central that has some helpful information too.

Don't be afraid to ask questions 'round there or anywhere else on this site, either. They told me in the Army that the only stupid question you have is the one you didn't ask. Your question today might be the one somebody comes here to get an answer for next month, so you'll not only be helping yourslef, but helping somebody else, too.

Hope that helps!


I'm adding this video so that folks can see just how effective various methods of insulation are:

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Re: Some Pretty Dang Useful Links


Post by UncleMJM » Sun May 29, 2016 1:13 pm

I can't agree more with the concept of research, ask, and sample before plunking down a bunch of money. I agree with all of the above and would add two more things…

...bug protection. How to keep from getting eaten in the outdoors is good to look into and...

... group hangs or meet-ups are great places to check out for some hands on "test driving".

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