B.O.B.-Do you have one? Is a hammock in it?

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B.O.B.-Do you have one? Is a hammock in it?


Post by Flynguy521 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 10:26 am

I've carried a go bag for years, it started out as a murse, just a backpack with a bunch of things in it that I needed throughout the day, but eventually evolved into a legit get home bag, with survival and medical supplies. Over the course of the years there have been times when I was without my go bag and wished I had it. Was the world ending or was I in an area of civil unrest you ask. Not in the traditional sense, but when someone sprains their ankle badly and you need a bandage to wrap their foot and don't have it you realize your mistake leaving your bag at home.

With my kit I have mended clothing malfunctions that otherwise would have been very revealing, I have fixed my car battery and body with tools and zip ties, I have rendered aid with medical supplies. By being prepared I have been able to deal with issues that have arisen. While these were not survival situations think how they could have affected one. IF clothing is not covering like it is supposed to it can't protect you from the elements or insects or cuts and scrapes and that can lead to infection which is not something easily dealt with in a survival situation. If civil unrest broke out around me and I needed to flee, but I could not get my car to start, one can only imagine the outcome. If I or a traveling companion stepped wrong and sprained an ankle or broke a leg, a bandage to wrap/splint with is essential.

Anyway, that is why I try not to be without my go bag. I have not spent extra money on gear to outfit my bag. Over the years as I have replaced parts of my hiking kit I have rotated gear around so it has not costed my much. That includes hammocks and tarps. I have not always carried one in my kit, but now I have permanent additions. I don't carry quilts or blankets in my bag, but I do have blankets in my car next to my bag and should I ever need to ditch the car I would strap the blanket to the pack. I have mylar blankets in the pack, but were I in a survival situation I would more than likely move at night and rest during the day.

My view comes from one of survival, but many of you have packs with your gear that you use daily i.e. laptops, lunches, meds. Whatever your case, do you carry a hammock with you daily? What about a tarp? For those of you survival minded like myself, do you have anything that you have taken OUT of your pack because you found it not worth carrying or found a replacement that could do double duty?

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Re: B.O.B.-Do you have one? Is a hammock in it?


Post by Scuba » Sun Jul 16, 2017 12:09 pm

The one I carry in my truck is more of a get home bag, a chest rig with an assault pack on the back. It includes:
-Eight 30rd AR Mags
-4 pistol mags
-an IFAK
-holster with my SIG Mk25
-12ft Dream Hammock Freebird in Multicam
-12 ft UGQ Asym Hex mirror tarp in Multicam
-rain poncho in Multicam
-Blaze orange signal panel
-my MSR Guardian
-Leatherman MUT
-3 MREs
-2 Smartwater bottles
-SUUNTO MC-2 compass
-TOPO map of Texas
- small essentials kit (firestarter, other small survival items)
-Recon 3 Sleeping bag

- AR15 pistol with 10.5 inch barrel
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Re: B.O.B.-Do you have one? Is a hammock in it?


Post by kev137 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:20 pm

Well geeze sarge I feel inadequate. I just have a bag with first aid supplies, esbit stove and fuel tabs, space blankets, soup powders, single mirror, flashlight, candle, and some other little get me through a stranded night out. Keep it in the trunk with a wool blanket as well.
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