Gander Mnt going ,going, get out already.

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Gander Mnt going ,going, get out already.


Post by hikehunter » Sat Jun 03, 2017 5:33 pm

Do not take the time to go look at Gander Mountain 40% lie to you close out.
The ENO single nest is Reg. $86 and with discounts they have it at $69.99
That is reg. price at other stores.
No wonder the place is folding. Gander has always been thin on camping stuff.
I went to the on in "Looserville", Tx. (Lewisville) this morning the only good buys were gone.
The med. size dutch oven was priced at $ 36.00 and they were all gone. (wander why ?)
They had a 9 1/2 Merrell closed toe sandle for $19 it was the display and they could not find the left one.

The sale is being done by a liquidation company.
A guy showed me a pair of socks that he said was $ 9 last week, today they were $ 12. (WTH)

When they do 50% or more you better be there fast as that is when everyone and their dog will be there.

Just FYI wait or do not go at all.

Happy Hang Time all.......................

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Re: Gander Mnt going ,going, get out already.


Post by kev137 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:18 pm

The liquidation folks mark everything up to msrp then take the discounts off that. It's how they make money. I haven't been to our local Gander yet, but I don't anticipate finding anything good once they drop the prices even more.
Stinks that they are going out of business. Even if they suck on selection for camping they were the only store in town that had anything.
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