Clearing up the new drone rules

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Clearing up the new drone rules


Post by Scuba » Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:51 am

Since I am getting ready to buy a drone, I had questions regarding the new rules put into place at the end of August 2016.

I was told by a friend that regardless of if I was flying as a hobby or commercially that I needed a drone pilot's license. After research I found that I DO NOT.
Does the new Small UAS Rule (part 107) apply to recreational UAS operations?
Part 107 does not apply to UAS flown strictly for fun (hobby or recreational purposes) as long as these unmanned aircraft are flown in accordance with the Special Rule for Model Aircraft (Section 336 of P.L. 112-95). Visit our "Fly for Fun" webpage for safety rules and guidelines that apply to recreational UAS operations. The small UAS rule codifies the provisions of section 336 in part 101 of the FAA's regulations, which will prohibit operating a UAS in manner that endangers the safety of the National Airspace System.
Now, I can get the license if I want to, but I don't HAVE to. And I am not going to do so. I will still need to register my drone, but that is as far as it goes.

hope this helps clear things up for other people considering getting a drone.

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