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Post by sarge » Fri Jan 13, 2017 6:43 pm

The thing that all Forums are experiencing is the "Facebook Effect." For the last decade, the only place anyone could ask a quick question and get a quick answer was an internet Forum. Facebook has changed all of that. There are about 100 Hammock related Facebook pages, all of them do the same thing as the Internet Forums did in that regard. I am of the firm belief that all of the questions asked at the other site were also asked on Facebook, and likely within a couple minutes of each other. The OP likely got a quicker answer on Facebook, leaving only the Usual Suspects to rerhasd the rehashing.

It might have been different if they hadn't run off the content providers they used to have.

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Post by BillyBob66 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:57 pm

DaddyDaddy wrote:It's been a very long time since I was even on this site much less posted here. I have to be honest. It was just more than I could put the effort into. I'm sure that sounds lame.

I look at "the other forum" daily and I can tell you only what I have noticed in my own personal interaction there. I post far less than I used to. I see too many folks rehashing the same old same old when they respond. I'll see a thread that I think I might have something to add to. I'll look at the date it was started and how many responses have already been made and I can pretty much tell you what they are, who they are from and what the outcome of the thread is at that point. Fanboy rehash, you're doing it wrong rehash, off topic drivel rehash, rehash of the rehash, or ridiculous I'm burr hurt because you're butt hurt about being butt hurt...

So I'll be doing a lot more reading over here and perhaps a little more posting and hopefully offering something to the community at large. I just like being helpful and adding value. Not seeing a lot of opportunity for that over there of late. I'm still there in hopes that I can have a positive influence. Can't expect to change things unless you are present, but seeing another avenue to be a change agent. 8-)
Hey Daddy, good to hear it! I still read over there on occasion, and I miss some of the folks. Mostly I miss being able to help a large # of folks. But maybe that is arrogant of me to think that I could be any more help than the other folks who are already there? Probably. Still, I'd like to see noob and all traffic pick up here. I'd like to get back into more hammock related topics. I post a bit here, but it has mostly been in the non-hammock areas. I have sort of had the impression that most of the folks here are already very experienced hangers, so we might not have all that much to say to each other, or questions to ask, on the subject of hanging. Maybe more noobs would alter that. Or maybe I'm just crazy. What Sarge said about all of the FB hammock pages migth also be a factor. Anyway, I hope you do end up spending a bit more time over here!
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