The Sound of Silence- a mis-adventure on the AT

Post pics and write-ups of places you like to hang in the woods
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The Sound of Silence- a mis-adventure on the AT


Post by johnspenn » Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:25 am

Cathy and I had planned a hike on the AT for the MLK holiday. The plan was flawless but the execution left somewhat to be desired.

Even with all the SNAFUs we enjoyed the day and the hike, for the most part. We will go back soon and do "Plan A" again, this time hopefully with proper execution.

The mistakes we made are detailed in the video. It's a different kind of trip report for me. My apologies to Mountain Wanderer for stealing his method of commentary, and to TiedUp for using one of his song selections. They're both much better at this than me.

The report/video can be found here:

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