Had A Dream Last Night

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Thought I'd do something constructive while drinking my morning coffee, so I decided to write a little something every day I'm not out in the woods. Just keep in mind, this is stuff I'm writing before I've finished my morning coffee
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Had A Dream Last Night


Post by sarge » Fri Sep 25, 2015 7:18 am

In the dream, I was tasked with leading a formation at an airshow in Full Dress with saber. Most of the dream had nothing to do with the actual marching, but preparing for it. Stuff like finding out the saber had set for a long time in its scabbard and was rusty and practicing in the living room and trying to do the wide sweeping gestures without hitting the furniture. When I finally did get to the airfield, I was put in charge of a platoon sized bunch of guys in khaki uniforms who I'd never met before. They were alreadfy standing in formation so I gave them a Left Face and marched them down to the end of the runway. They marched well staying in step and keeping their interval. When we got to the end of the runway my command to halt was mis-timed and they marched off into the grass before I couold get the words out of my mouth. I had a sudden aerial view of the formation and they had kind of gotten twisted into a sort of question mark shape. I treid to get them to Dress Right to get the fromation back into shape, but had to explain that to them. I looked down at my hands and realized I didn't have the required white gloves. Then the alarm clock went off.

I wonder what that means.

I never did any Full Dress with saber when I was in the Army, but did some when I was reenacting Indian Wars at Fort McKavett SHP. The Details were always small (Indian Wars reenacting isn't near as big as Civil War, and when you do it in a West Texas Frontier Fort nobody has ever heard of, the quantity of available "troops" is fairly small) and tmostly for Morning Parade to raise The Colors. The only problem I ever had there was once the saber knot got tangled in the scabbard and the danting wouldn't come out. Fortunately I realized that with the first tug and rather than stand in front of a bunch of spectators pulling fruitlessly on the sword, I just rendered a hand salute like i knew what I was doing.

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