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Flick Recommendation


Post by sarge » Sun Aug 28, 2016 6:21 pm

Just saw a good flick. Hell or High Water is a modern day western set in West Texas, a story about two brothers robbing banks so they can pay of the reverse mortgage on Mama's ranch. Chris Pine proves here thast he is a bit more than a pretty boy actor and Jeff Bridges plays a Texas Ranger on the verge of retirement on his last outlaw hunt. He plays the guy just the way he should: an old Texan who you'd swear you'd met before in some restaurant in a podunk town out in West Texas. The story is vintage western, but the details are modern, innovative, and interesting. Director David Mckenzie seems to know that if you make a movie in Texas, it has to be about Texas and Texans, and that will make it popular with everybody. His choices of location, characters, and soundtrack are spot on. Within the first few minutes you'll feel like you knew all these guys before you came to the theater.

How good is the soundtrack? After the music under the opening credits, he opens with a shot of the West Texas Plains while this plays. It perfectly sets the time, place, and story and what follows doesn't disappoint. Along the way you hear from Waylon, Chris Stapleton, and Billy Joe Shaver. Its almost as if he stole some CDs out of the dashboard of a pick up truck parked outside the Dairy Queen in Muleshoe.

This one is worth going to the theater for.

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Re: Flick Recommendation


Post by kev137 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:49 am

Thanks for the review. Looked like it might be a good movie from what I had seen. Now I know it is.
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