Building and Rigging V_Allen's Universal Hammock Undercover

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Building and Rigging V_Allen's Universal Hammock Undercover


Post by sarge » Tue Nov 10, 2015 7:41 am

This build was inspried by V_Allen's post on how to make what he calls a "Universal Hammock Undercover". If you use that post and this video, you should be able to easily do this simple build that will yield you a versatile piece of gear while helping you to build confidence and experience in your MYOG skills. I mention in the video that this cost me around $20, but the Epsilon seconds I used for this are no longer available. You can still make this out of first quality Epsilon from the same vendor at $6.50 a yard, which brings the cost up to around $30, or you can use any breatheable DWR fabric of your choice.

Ebay Vendor for the Epsilon fabric: ... Sw6EhUNDKo

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