RBTR Synthetic UQ kit

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RBTR Synthetic UQ kit


Post by Scuba » Sun Jun 05, 2016 12:53 pm

So, with 4 daughters who like their hammocks, I am not going to shell out $200+ each for UGQ underquilts. To get a full length quilt from AHE will still run about $150 a pop so I decided to go the DIY route. I could have gone with a snugpack or underwoobie, but my daughters don't like camo/OD like I do, go figure.

The solution came to me from RBTR. Their UQ kit. I put together a 50 degree (2.5oz climashield) kit that included the insulation, Deep Purple Calendared 1.0 HyperD, and hot pink inner ripstop. All the hardware is included, assuming you build it to their directions.

All mats cut, insulation laid out
3 sides sewed. Calendered Deep Purple outer/Hot pink inner with Climashield 2.5 (about 50degree)

Now, I made this one according to their directions, but next time I am going to change things up.
As you can see they use a very basic, simple suspension. I, on the other hand like the suspension you find from UGQ. So, next time I am going to sew it differently, with a Primary suspension running the length of the UQ.

This was my first attempt at making an UQ and I learned a bunch of lessons, and considering I only paid $60 in materials I am still happy with the results, I just plan on spending a little more and doing it differently next time.

A definite buy again!!

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Re: RBTR Synthetic UQ kit


Post by BillyBob66 » Sun Jun 05, 2016 2:34 pm

Great money saver especially with 4 quilts! Looking good! Is there any sort of differential cut with this? I have an old Warbonnet Yeti that has removable layers of CS. I have been fine in the mid to high 40s( or at least I went from just barley warm enough to plenty warm enough when I added my fleece hat about 0400) with just one 2.5 oz layer of CS XP, but that UQ also has a dif cut, which might help some. But, the AHE, as far as I know, does not have a dif cut and it seems to work great also.
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