Osprey atmos at 65

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Osprey atmos at 65


Post by Fastmatt » Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:02 am

Well I've got 150-200 miles of trail time on this pack so I figure I can hit the high points and a few low points. First the pack is very comfortable for me but it did take some miles for me to get used to it. I will say I've had a bunch of packs and this is my favorite so far. I also currently have an ather and they carry much differently. The atmos carries with quite a distance between your back and the pack so it alarmist has a loose and possibly shifty feel. It doesn't hug up to your body like the ather or some others. As a result it is much cooler on your body but doesn't feel like it's one with one when leaning or wobbling back and forth through canted terrain. It was odd at first but I got used to it and now prefer that feel. The hip belt and shoulder straps are ample in padding and I don't get any rubbing. I do have to really tighten down the belt to keep it high on my hips( I prefer to bear almost the whole load on my hips very little on shoulders. The stretchy net on front of pack is very useful and can take a lot of gear. Water bottle pouches on both side work well .i like the Gregory bultero bottle holder better but they are fine. Pack has shown great durability so far it still looks pretty new and I'm known for being ruff on equipment. Hip belt pouches are a decent size and work pretty good. The zippers and zipper pulls are really nice. The only complaint i really have is that the hip belt is Velcro adjustable and I do adjust it at times. I never had a problem until I adjusted it after a soaking rain the Velcro was soaked and when I undid it it would not hold upon refastening. That caused me some big issues as it basically rendered the belt useless. After the belt dried out the following day the Velcro held secure . I would suggest nobody undoes the Velcro when it's wet or your gonna be in trouble. This little issue has me focused on either adding more Velcro inside the belt or perhaps some kind of additional fastener so ensure this doesn't happen again (or I guess I could just not mess with it if wet ) but I'll most likely Doctor it up. All in all I would recommend this pack to anybody who doesnt need a pack to hug your back.

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Re: Osprey atmos at 65


Post by gmcpcs » Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:51 pm

That's the one I have:
You can see it form fits to my awesome hiking pose figure.

I've been using this one for awhile, and I like the two big zip pockets on the back. I use one for the hammock and one for the tarp. I do wish I could trim it down some. I did take the lid bag off. I personally don't like the side hip pockets, or the water bottle pockets, but maybe my arms aren't long enough to reach around and get the water bottles out.

It was a good father's day gift :)

Sometime I may look at modifying it, but for now, for all the hiking I do, (About 2 times a year) it works for me.

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Re: Osprey atmos at 65


Post by Scuba » Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:55 pm

I have an Atmos ag 65 also but it is my back up now, since I got my Zimmerbuilt pack. My biggest complain (other than the weight) is how creaky it is. Damn thing needs an oil change or something.
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