Clip on light for $2 at Academy Clearance

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Clip on light for $2 at Academy Clearance


Post by TXyakr » Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:30 am

Not very good quality but 2 CR2032 batteries are almost worth the $2. I purchased a LED Red light one (also blue LEDs in local store) to keep as backup in case something happens to my primary Black Diamond head lamp or any other light I am using. These batteries are cheaper if ordered in bulk online but more from places like Walmart in sets of 2.

Total of 6 LEDs in a plastic case with cheap plastic clips that look like they could easily break off, claims it is water resistant (I doubt it).
15 Lumens
15 meter beam (bit of an exaggeration IMO, even my B.D. Spot's single Red LED does not get that distance and it is more powerful)
3 hour battery life (very short thus just for emergency backup)

I got B.D. Spot because if used in low mode not 200 Lumens it can last a long time and very easy to change out batteries, this Academy cap brim clip-on light was difficult to open up the battery compartment for me, I used a small screwdriver. Perhaps my fingers and nails are just wimpy. But good to have a tiny backup for only $2.

Not relevant but I stop buy there to chat with the people at the gun counter from time to time and see what they have that is interesting. Nothing much this time. Nothing that I could live without but I did pick up a box of 400 rounds of cheap plinker .22 LR High Velocity for $21.90, lead projectile not all brass which is fine... gonna kill some paper targets and metal cans ;-)
OH so happy not to be constrained on the other hammock forum, it just makes me warm and joyful all over... And the kids that occasionally go camping with me at National Forests, WMA enjoy plinking along with me, fun to share cheap ammo and give them a cheap LED light if they loose theirs. :D

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Re: Clip on light for $2 at Academy Clearance


Post by Rick TDBT » Thu Feb 11, 2016 7:28 am

Yea what kid doesn't like plinking with a .22lr. I know I did..I was looking into getting some rechargeable batteries for my headlamp. Then seen academy had a special on their triple As, so I stocked up on what they had left.
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