Thumbs up from me!
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Thumbs up from me!


Post by Coolerking » Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:24 pm

Just thought I'd put some positive feedback for my most recent order from Dutch.
I ordered a few things, buckles, hookworms, clips and a couple of flyz. The worms and flyz have an option to add some zing it or lash it. I had the lash it and I wanted it in red, to go with a specific tarp. I added a message asking if that would be possible and sure enough, when the parcel arrived, red lash it on everything. I know that a lot of things, Dutch has in stock and just puts orders together and ships straight away, just as the last time I ordered. But this was a one off order and everything was made from scratch as it wasn't an off the shelf thing, it took an extra day to ship which is just fantastic. When I say 'day' don't forget, I'm in the UK and accounting for the timezones etc... It may well have been the same day :lol:
I also decided, a couple of hours after ordering that I'd add an extra item to my order. I used the 'conversation' function on his site and spoke to someone immediately, gave them my order number and they sent me a PayPal request for the extra item and added it to my order straight away.
Pleasure to deal with and I will be back...again!

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