Toggle? I don't need no stinking toggle!

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Toggle? I don't need no stinking toggle!


Post by johnspenn » Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:24 am

A couple weeks ago I was thinking about knots, particularly the "slippery" knots I love that you just pull the tag end out and make them disappear.

I got to thinking about the MSH and the toggle. The mantra "make sure your sling rests ON THE KNOT and not the toggle" ran through my mind and I got to wondering-

Is the toggle necessary?

Here's a video pf my findings- short answer I'm going toggle-less henceforth!

Turns out I had been tying the MSH wrong the whole time haha! it was a good learning experience, I learned the proper way to tie a MSH and that I didn't need to know the right way after all!

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