Indoor Hanging in a Rent House, Part 2

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Indoor Hanging in a Rent House, Part 2


Post by gmcpcs » Fri Mar 11, 2016 2:26 pm

Hello all,

I thought I would give a photographic tour of the project I mentioned in this post:

I decided to go with the one drawn out similar to this one by brianb2:

(And, using Sarge’s timber frame drawing and TxYakr’s Felt pads)

I started with (3) 8 ft 2x4s that were in the “Choice Lumber” pile, and one regular 8 ft 2x4. (These were stud length) I took the better 2 of the 3 to make the uprights, and made the base from the other one, and some of the base side braces.

I ended up cutting about 3” off the end of the uprights to get it to fit under the crown molding in the bedroom. The bases were 3 feet, and the braces were cut at 45 degree angles, and measured to fit (24” on the long side). These were squared up, and connected with wood screws.

The next part was the ridge pole supports. I took the chain link fence right angle brackets and using a sledge hammer, flattened out the curved part. I left the horizontal connecting part curved to fit the sleeves. I used one of the 8” connector sleeves, and cut it in half with a hacksaw right on the pinch. This became the socket to hold the ridge pole. The brackets were installed at the top of the 2x4 uprights, to face parallel to the floor, after drilling a couple more holes so that a total of 3 wood screws were holding each side. This ended up just under the 8’ stud length. The half sleeves were screwed in with the bolts that were included in the package, after drilling a hole in the base of the sleeve to fit. All of this was carefully installed after drilling pilot holes, so that the top of the 2x4 wouldn’t split. I also wanted this arrangement so that I could take the stand apart if need be.

I test fit the two uprights, and with a helper, measured the exact distance from the bottom of the sleeve across the room to the other sleeve bottom. (The cross bolt made a stopping point before the ridge pole would touch the 2x4) I cut the two 10’ chain link fence poles so that the regular connection would be in the middle. This did waste about 4 feet off of both poles, but I wanted to get an exact fit with the joint in the middle. Due to my measuring the uprights during the test fit, the pole was VERY tight to get the fit into the room. As you can see, the pole would have to slot into the upright sockets, as well as make the middle connection. This was accomplished with helpers, who tilted the uprights slightly back along the wall, and then nudging it all into place.

I stained the wood, and spray painted the pole. I also used a large furniture felt pad on the top back of the uprights, to keep the wall safe from scratches. This felt pad had the unforeseen effect of even more tightening up the ridge pole, so that it wedged securely into place in the room. This room measurement would vary by how wide the span you would be using, if you choose to replicate my plan.

Using Derek Hansen’s Hammock Hang calculator
I measured my favorite double layer gathered end, the ridge line, etc., to get the optimal hang height. I installed a large porch swing hook on each end at the right height, and then set everything up. There’s no play back and forth, or side to side.

Wonders! It works! It is a removable, stable, indoor bedroom hammock hanging device, that doesn’t damage the walls. Significant other has tentatively agreed that it looks OK.

Here’s a little slideshow/video:

Thanks to all the input I received, and thanks for looking!

Take it easy,

Parts list:
(4) 2x4 studs
(2) 1 ⅜” x 1 ⅜” Galvanized Brace Rail Clamps
(1) 1 ⅜” Chain link fence sleeve
(2) 1 ⅜” 10 Ft Chain link top rails
Various wood screws, stain, and paint
Approximate cost: $40

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Re: Indoor Hanging in a Rent House, Part 2


Post by tangara » Fri Mar 11, 2016 5:55 pm

I like it a lot, and the main thing is you got a nod of approval. I own my home, but I like that idea better than messing around trying to find studs in the right location to get a hammock where I want it. I may have to give this a go, too. Thanks for the pictures.

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Re: Indoor Hanging in a Rent House, Part 2


Post by ipokebadgers » Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:04 am

That looks great! Very nicely done.

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Re: Indoor Hanging in a Rent House, Part 2


Post by Swetu_3 » Mon May 16, 2016 3:18 am

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Re: Indoor Hanging in a Rent House, Part 2


Post by goonworld » Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:52 am

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Re: Indoor Hanging in a Rent House, Part 2


Post by Flynguy521 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:19 am

Very cool!
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