BUYER BEWARE- Enlightened Equipment/Massdrop TQ deal

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BUYER BEWARE- Enlightened Equipment/Massdrop TQ deal


Post by Scuba » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:38 pm

- If you are considering buying a new topquilt on the Enlightened Equipment/Massdrop drop, make sure you are aware that they are being made in China. Here is a quote from Danny Milks, a Massdrop rep. "Hmm, Perhaps I didn't clear *everything* up. So, EE makes the bulk of their products completely in Minnesota. Though, they have some quilts (their "on the shelf" options) that are cut and sewn in China, then stuffed and finished in Minnesota. Our quilt here is completely made in China, though still using the same manufacturing partner and under EE guidance and QC. My point was simply that EE started working with this partner months ago and not a single soul noticed. We're working with that same partner on the same product, just having them stuffing it and sealing it now. So, it's not like we're starting from zero here."

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