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Re: Anybody else ???


Post by Dochartaigh » Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:58 am

I've liked spouting the fact that 400% more people die in the US each year by easily preventable medical mistakes by doctors, than die by firearms (both accidental, suicide, and criminal).

If they still persist, you can then get into how cars kill just as many people as guns do (tying into drunk drivers mentioned above).

And I love it when people start talking about "assault weapons" as literally 9/10 have no clue what that term means, or why one rifle should be considered an "assault weapon" (and this be banned in their eyes), vs. another type of rifle with the exact same 'deadlyness' (and sometimes you're talking about even more powerful weapons) would be left un-banned by their mistaken criteria.

Besides that I can't say much. As a firearm owner I go against most NRA-types (and certainly nearly all my pro-gun friends from the shooting club I belong to judging by their Facebook posts I see like 10,000 times a day) in that I wholeheartedly believe we should have universal background checks for all gun purchases (which should be tied into a mental health cross-referencing system of some sort).

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