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For Sale Forum Suggestions


Post by sarge » Mon Nov 23, 2015 7:38 am

1. You can sell anything you want that can be used around a campfire, or on a hike, or in your backpack, or anything that is used to make or repair any of that stuff to include sewing machines and all other MYOG gear and materials. Maps, books,and any other material or electronics that can be used to plan your trips can be sold. Basically, if you think somebody wants to buy it, you can sell it.

2. The Moderators at Hammock Hangers aren't babysitters. That's because we don't think you need one, and we won't treat you like we think you do.

3. Any item regulated by Federal or State Statute will be sold in accordance with those statutes. If you use this site to circumvent any laws, we will gladly cooperate with any Law Enforcement agency seeking to give you an invitation for a long term stay at the Grey Bar Hotel.

4. Hammock is not responsible for any of the transactions that go on here. Please see #2 above.

5. Settle disputes among yourselves. Do not bring them out into the public on this Forum, and don't seek the asisstance of the Admins or Moderators. Please see #2 above.

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