Trail Recipe: Cold Brewed Coffee

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Trail Recipe: Cold Brewed Coffee


Post by Mophead » Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:09 pm

Ground Coffee (I prefer a dark roast)
Pourable Container with a lid (like a smart water bottle, smaller opening is better)
A second Drinking Container (like a gatorade bottle, larger opening is better)
loose leaf tea bag ( I use the #2 t-sac brand)


The Concentrate:
Pour coffee grounds and water at a 1:2 ratio into your small mouth container. Whatever volume of water you use in this step will be 1/2 the volume of your final brewed coffee. For example: 1/2 a cup of coffee grounds, requires 1 cup of water which will make 2 cups of cold brewed coffee.

Mix it up and let the grounds steep about 8-12hrs over night or in a dark place of your pack.

Once it has steeped, open your tea bag up to make a little "cup" . While holding the bottom of the bag inside the mouth of your large mouth container slowly pour the coffee mixture through the bag so that the filtered concentrate will collect in the drinking container. Work as slowly as necessary tring to keep the grounds and sludge on the bottom of the first container. Stop when you get to the sludge in the bottom, don't pour it into your filter. You might be able to reuse the sludge for another batch in a pinch or you can just dispose of it and clean the container.

The Coffee:
Your wide mouthed container now contains your coffee concentrate. You can dilute this with an equal portion of water or milk and drink it. You can dilute it all at once or in multiple batches. If you rinse and wash the first container you can mix multiple batches without the need for a third bottle or cup.

If it comes out too bitter try a shorter steep time. If you like it with sugar- add sugar.

Enjoy getting your coffee fix when when it blazing hot and so humid you clothes feel damp by 9:00am :D

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