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Lawson info


Post by Scuba » Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:45 pm

below is a copy of a post Lawson made elsewhere that has some good info
The reason why most lines are not as reflective as mine is they either use half the amount of reflective tracers, or they use knockoff 3M tracers made in China that are not as reflective. The reflective tracer from 3M costs roughly 3x more than the knockoff. This 75x more costly than High Quality Nylon or Polyester on a length to weight comparison. (how much yarn you will use for a given length) So most companies choose to use to either us less reflective or buy a cheaper version.

The customer pays the same, and get less. Its what they call a win/loose.

The other issue is that most companies that are selling reflective cord do not make it themselves so they are at the mercy of whatever their mill uses and since they have a middle man between them and the product they also have to pay more for less.. Its why their lines are less reflective, more costly, and not usually made in the usa. (they forget to tell you the last part)

I can only think of three companies that make reflective cord in house. My company (Lawson Equipment Glowire) Sterling Ropes. They make a product called Glocord . I think they must of liked the name of my cord. It has 1 tracer that is not 3M so it is less than half as reflective., Price wise its more. The other is Blue Water Ropes, They make a product called Niteline. It also has only 1 tracer, and is also not 3M. The line is also is more expensive. Both use nylon (Sterling 100%, Bluewater uses Polyester in the jacket, nylon in the core) so they have alot more stretch.. BUT Both these lines are good quality, minus the lack of reflectivity and the added stretch. Other lines like those sold by MSR, Kelty, Exped, etc are pretty low quality in my opinion as they come out of a mill in China. They are designed to maximize profits. Not to give you a better product.

In regards to the Litesmith Catzye Line. I have no clue what they use. I am going to assume knock off 3M as they don't list 3M. It also appears as if they are urethane coating over the tracer material. This is going to decrease reflectivity. Their Reflx line appears to also not use the 3M tracers. I am going to assume both lines are made in china as it doesn't say otherwise. And one last final point. The addition of UHMWPE in the core of the latter line makes no sense at all. This is not a paraglider line where no stretch is needed. This is a guyline where all polyester is more than static enough. Its retarded. If you tie a knot in this type of line (Polyester/Nylon Cover with a UHMWPE Core) the cover will break and the core will slip out. So lines like these might have some crazy break numbers on paper but in actual use they will never even come close to this as the core and the jacket do not work together. Hell they don't even melt together. They get these high break numbers by wrapping the line around a specially designed capstan that is several inches in diameter a bunch of times, putting the tail/end in a clamp and then tensile testing it that way (I own one of these machines). This method is great for engineering lines so you can get consistent break numbers to see what you need to change and how your changes are effecting the lines performance, but its not a good way to show back country field strength. This method of strength is something that no one, nowhere is going to be able to do in a field. Think wrapping a line around a smaller tree 10 times and then pulling on it vs going around a carabiner once and then tieing a knot. That is why my guylines use the same fiber in the core as the jacket so everything works together. In the case of the Glowire this is 100% High Tenacity Polyester. If you knot my line the cover/jacket is not going to prematurely break with the core slipping out. The line breaks as one. This is the difference between lines designed by people that don't make cordage and rope vs someone who does. They want Dyneema/Spectra/Etc in the description and a high on paper break number as they know it sells more line. But unless your not using knots, then you will never see the strength of these lines. Just my two cents... Let me know if you have any questions.


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Re: Lawson info


Post by G_Man » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:51 pm

Good info indeed, and a great guy to do business with. Thanks for sharing this.
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Re: Lawson info


Post by UncleMJM » Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:43 pm

G_Man wrote:
Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:51 pm
Good info indeed, and a great guy to do business with. Thanks for sharing this.
Based on experience from several orders over the years, I concur on both counts.

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